Host and Integrated Host Processors MPC7410: Host Processor MPC7447: Host Processor MPC7447A: Host Processor MPC7448: RISC Microprocessor MPC745: Host Processor MPC7457: Host Processor MPC755: Host Processor MPC8610: Integrated Host Processor Not Recommended for New Design MPC8640: MPC8640D Integrated Dual-Core Processor MPC8641D: High-performance Dual Core Processor

Host and Integrated Host Processors (8xxx, 7xxx, 7xx, 6xx)
General-purpose processors based on the e600 core, built on Power Architecture® technology, offer performance from 500 MHz to 1.8 GHz, including a dual-core option. Ideal for high-performance processing in networking, aerospace and defense, storage and pervasive computing applications, such as home media, printers, computer clusters, blade servers, thin clients and gaming systems. Our e600 core includes the AltiVec technology engine, enabling software developers to achieve dramatic acceleration in performance-driven, high-bandwidth computing and communications applications.



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